August 30, 2018

9 Useful Food Allergy Apps for All Those Affected

If food allergies are your reality, the best way to control the symptoms is to avoid your trigger foods. Easier said than done though! Even if you all necessary measures to protect yourself from the allergens, the risk is still present. Here, we suggest you 10 food allergy apps that can help you identify potentially harmful foods and choose safe ones.


Food Allergy Briefly


An allergic reaction to food occurs, when the immune system mistakes certain food proteins for harmful substances. As a result, your body reacts by producing specific antibodies, which leads to the development of allergy symptoms.

The most common food allergens include: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish. Some people also react to certain fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Even a tiny amount of a food allergen may cause reactions ranging from mild to severe. Mild symptoms may include an itchy mouth, throat, or ears, hives, digestive problems, and swelling of the face. In case of severe allergic reaction such anaphylaxis, the symptoms can be life-threatening.

Food allergies can have a significant impact on life quality affecting life at home, work, or school. According to statistics, 4 percent of adults and up to 6 percent of children in the Unites States are allergic to certain foods.

#1: Allergy Reality


Allergy reality is an app that was designed to increase allergy awareness and help specific food allergy sufferers to manage their condition better.

Allergy reality educates about food allergies in a fun and interactive way, which makes it a great source of information for both children and adults. This educational game also provides various tips that help to keep an allergen-free diet tasty and diverse.

The app was created by two mothers whose children were affected by food allergies. It is free and available on iPhone and Android.

#2: Spokin


Spokin is a free food allergy app that helps to find safe recipes, restaurants, airlines, and hotels, depending on what exactly you and your family are allergic to.

If you have a food allergy, Spokin’s Hidden Allergy feature can help to determine whether a recipe or restaurant is safe for you. You can type in a specific restaurant and see if it’s allergy-friendly or search safe options in your city.

You can also find recommendations of other users of the app. We suggest that you follow users who live nearby or those who have the same allergies and check their recommendations.

Spokin is only available for iPhone.

#3: Wizdy Diner


Wizdy Diner is another food allergy app that offers helpful information about allergies. The app is designed in the form of an entertaining game. The action takes place on a planet full of hungry aliens, where Wizdy is a waiter that has to serve the aliens, avoiding their specific food allergy triggers.

In the game, you have to serve each guest quickly and satisfy their food allergy needs, in order to earn money. In case one of the guests develops an allergic reaction, you also have to offer first aid and use an epinephrine auto-injector.

The app is available for free on both iPhone and Android.

#4: Cara


Cara is a free iPhone app that allows to identify potential links between your symptoms and the food you eat. The app helps to keep your nutrition, mood, symptoms, treatment, stress, and general well-being under control.

You can use Cara as your personal food diary, where you record your meals and the symptoms you experience. The application can identify specific factors that may be causing your symptoms. There is also an in-app chat where you can consult the Cara experts.

Cara can be especially helpful for people who have developed food allergies recently.

#5: Yummly


Yummly is a great kitchen tool that can make it easier to eat and cook for all food lovers, including those with food allergies.

You can find various recipe recommendations, tips, and videos, that are based on your taste preferences, as well as food allergy needs. You can save the recipes and add the needed ingredients to your shopping list. This application helps to eat a balanced diet, instead of eating the same foods.

Yummy is available on both Android and iPhone for free.

#5: mySymptoms


mySymptoms is another advanced electronic food journal. In this application, you can record, track, analyze, and report on the foods you eat and other factors, as well as the symptoms you experience throughout the day. The app helps to analyze the connection between your symptoms and your diet and identify the patterns.

In order to see what’s causing your symptoms, mySymptoms requires you to record everything you eat and drink throughout the day, the medications you take, your stress levels, sleep quality, exercise, environmental factors, and the symptoms you have. Based on the data your log, the app provides a summary of the analysis with trend charts showing frequency and intensity.

For each symptom you record, mySymptoms also offers a list of the potential and most likely food triggers. Based on this information, you can create a report, which you can then discuss with your healthcare provider.

The app is available on iPhone and Android, and the price is $2.99.

#6: ipiit


ipiit is one the best food allergy apps that offers specific diet guidelines to help manage your food allergies.

If you are allergic to milk, eggs, or gluten, you can use this app to identify potential harmful food products. All you have to do is to scan the barcode on a food product package. The app will determine the food that are “okay for you” and the products that are “not for you”. If the food is not safe, ipiit will also provide a number of alternatives you can try.

The application’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. You can also easily compare two different food products and identify one with the better nutritional value.

ipiit users can also rate the foods they like or dislike, as well as recommend certain food products to the ipiit community.

The application is free and available on iPhone and Android.

#7: ShopWell


ShopWell is a food allergy app recommended by more than 2.5 million shoppers. It helps to avoid your food allergy triggers by scanning the ingredients of the foods you buy at a supermarket. If a food is potentially harmful for you, the app offers a list of safe alternatives.

The app includes a barcode scanner that can instantly list the ingredients of over 400,000 food products, which makes it a great source of real-time food information.

ShopWell is suitable for many different food allergies, including the most common ones such as milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish. The application is available for both Android and iPhone and it’s free of charge.

#8: AllergyEats


Eating out is a common problem for food allergy sufferers. AllergyEats is a useful application that helps to find allergy-friendly restaurants that can meet your dietary needs. The database of the app covers the entire territory of the Unites States.

In this application, you can find some feedback from other AllergyEats users. This is especially helpful, as it allows to find great options, based on the real experience of other food allergy sufferers.

If you are interested in a particular restaurant, you can search for it in the app and see if it’s a good option. In addition, you can find restaurants in a specific location. AllergyEats contains menus of more than 425,000 restaurants, and you can make reservations at 20,000 of those. The app also suggests that you add a rating of your experience at a restaurant, so that other users can use your recommendations.

AllergyEats is free for both iPhone and Android.

#9: NxtNutrio


If you are allergic to certain foods or sensitive to certain additives, preservatives, chemicals, flavors, or artificial sweeteners, NxtNutrio helps to identify these ingredients in brand name food products. You can also find information about any ingredient listed on the product label.

Avoiding food culprits is the best way to keep your allergies and sensitivities under control. NxtNutrio helps to control your health condition better and make smarter choices, when it comes to nutrition.

This application also works by scanning a food product’s barcode and providing important allergy information about the ingredients. It also provides a list of alternatives, based on your personal preferences.

NxtNutrition is available for iPhone only and its price if $3.99.

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