May 24, 2018

Allergy and Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy with Allergies

Seasonal allergies cause a whole variety of symptoms, including nasal congestion, red nose, watery eyes, low mood, as well as skin problems. If you have a sensitive skin, you may wonder how to treat your skin issues, especially in the are around the eyes and nose, while dealing with your seasonal allergy. Here, we will discuss questions like allergy and skincare.


Antihistamines May Not Be Enough


Taking oral antihistamines can help to reduce itching, but you may also require topical treatments. When you scratch your skin, more histamine is released, leading to increased itchiness. Therefore, you should look for good topical treatments to help calm the skin and alleviate irritation.

Check the Labels of Skincare Products for Additives


Experts recommend that you avoid products containing fragrance, preservatives, alcohol, lanolin, parabens, or colorants. These are the ingredients that tend to negatively affect sensitive skin. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many brands that claim to specialize in sensitive skin care. Choose the brands whose products are free of any of the ingredients mentioned above.

Maintain Your Skin Hydrated


Irritation often causes dry skin, especially around the nose area because of endless wiping. To keep your skin well hydrated, make sure to use good quality moisturizers designed for sensitive skin. For example, skincare experts recommend using products from brands like Avène or Aveeno.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and madecassoside can help to sooth your skin, while ceramides, humectants and shea butter can help to hydrate it.

Keep Your Skin Barrier Healthy


If your skin is dry and sensitive, your skin barrier is most likely unable to keep moisture or offer good protection against bacteria or allergens. Irritated skin is prone to further irritation and skin allergies; therefore, it is important to maintain the skin barrier healthy.

To do so, you should use very gentle cleansers that clean the skin without breaking your skin barrier and drying the skin out. Try brands like La Roche-Posay, CeraVe, or Cetaphil.

Take Care of Your Eyelids


The skin of the eyelids is delicate and sensitive and requires an especially gentle care. Avoiding exposure to harsh cleansers or make-up removers can help to keep the skin around your eyes healthy. If you are looking for good products, you can try Bioderma’s Sensibio eye make-up remover, and Darphin’s Hydraskin Eye Refresh soothing cream. Besides, you can reduce dryness by using eye drops or mists.

Reduce Swelling of Your Skin


The symptoms of hay fever may sometimes leave your face swollen. To reduce this problem, you can use a cooling sheet mask, which will help to calm skin irritations. Facial massage tools can help to remove swelling by improving blood circulation under the skin. However, you should be careful with facial massage, especially if you have inflammation.

Get Good-Quality Tissues


Wiping your nose with a toilet tissue can irritate your sensitive skin. You are better off using good-quality tissues that are gentle to your skin. Some tissues contain alleviating aloe vera that helps to sooth the skin around your nose. In addition, use a nasal spray to reduce congestion and inflammation.

Air Purifier Can Help


Sometimes, your allergy symptoms may affect your sleep. To reduce the levels of airborne allergens in your house, you can get a habit of changing your clothes when you come home from the outside and invest in an air purifier.

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