Winter Allergies

  • January 18, 2018

    Winter Allergies Explained

    When the winter season comes, many of us start having some annoying symptoms like sniffling or sneezing. In most cases, the symptoms are caused by colds and they usually go away after a few days. But what if your cold symptoms stay much longer? This means that you are likely...

  • December 27, 2017

    Seasonal Allergies: Which Winter Allergy Triggers Are There?

      For some people with allergies, wintertime may mean a long-awaited break in a struggle with annoying allergy symptoms. The weather gets colder, and many outdoor allergens temporarily disappear. However, if you are allergic to some indoor triggers like dust mites, pet dander or mold, your exposure to them nay...

  • August 6, 2017

    Common Causes of Winter Allergies

    Winter allergies are not so common compared to those during other seasons. However, there are many people around the country who experience severe allergy symptoms in winter. Besides the fact that wintertime is the season of mountain cedar pollination, there are a lot of other triggers present during this time...