August 27, 2017

Is It Possible to Eat Baked Products with Eggs If You Have an Allergy to Them?

Can You Consume Eggs in Baked Products?

Even if you have an allergy to eggs, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot eat baked goods containing eggs. There have been lots of cases when people with severe allergic reactions could eat baked products with eggs without any problems, such as muffins and cakes. It is also known that people with an allergy to raw foods are able to eat those products if they are thoughtfully processed or cooked. At the same time, there are plenty of people who have an allergic reaction even after consuming a thoroughly cooked egg. There have been several studies conducted on this topic, and now we have more information about the problem.

How Does Egg Allergy Occur?

An egg allergy occurs when IgE (antibody) recognizes egg proteins as antigens, which leads to activation of the immune system. The severity of the reaction depends on how your immune system responds to it. Most commonly, egg allergy occurs in children, and most of them are able to outgrow it by adolescence.
You can use two ways to check if you have an allergy to eggs in baked products. The first one is eating an egg and having an allergic reaction to it, and another one is through OFC, a special feeding test that allows you to increase the consumption of the product under the supervision of your allergist.
People with the allergy are recommended to avoid eating eggs, learn and use methods for desensitizing and preventing an anaphylactic reaction. It is also possible to use vaccination, which allows many people to eliminate an allergic reaction over time.

Using Eggs in Baked Products

There was a study conducted in 2008 on whether people with egg allergy could consume baked products containing eggs, for instance, muffins. It has shown that about 70% of people with an allergy could eat those foods without problems (this does not include eggs cooked in a usual manner, like scrambled eggs). It is explained by the fact that egg proteins are destroyed in higher temperatures, so that antibodies cannot recognize them.

Another interesting fact is that people who consume baked food containing eggs are able to decrease their sensitivity to this product over time, which has been proven by skin and blood tests. Many other studies have also been conducted, proving that eating baked food with eggs allows desensitizing an allergic reaction to this product.
How to Find out That You Can Consume Baked Eggs with No Problems?
Unfortunately, it is not easy to check if you belong to those people with an allergy to eggs who can eat baked foods containing these products with no problems. Using skin tests is not a reliable way to find it out. You should consult your allergist about that and consider using OFC.
How to Desensitize an Allergy to Eggs
Eating baked products with eggs is considered to be one of the ways of desensitization. If you believe that this method is suitable for you, you should discuss it with your allergist. Researchers are investigating if oral immunotherapy can be an alternative to allergy injections as well. Perhaps, this method will be extensively used in the future.

What Tests Can You Use?

Skin testing is not helpful in determining if baked products with eggs will cause an allergic reaction or not. Basically, the only way to find out if they will cause the reaction is to consume them, which should be done very carefully and according to a desensitization plan. Also, you may have a history of allergic reactions to baked products containing eggs, which also allows you to know how you are going to react to them.


So, if you have an allergic reaction to eggs, you should avoid eating foods with eggs without consulting your healthcare provider. It is recommended to perform OFC under the supervision of your doctor, which will allow you to consume certain foods and check whether eggs in baked products will cause an allergy. You can also discuss certain desensitization options with your allergist.

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