Perfume Allergy- When Smelling Good Means Feeling Bad

Perfume Allergy- When Smelling Good Means Feeling Bad

Having a perfume allergy can be hard to combat, as it is not every perfume that causes a reaction, it can sometimes be hard to nail down exactly what kind of ingredients and fragrances it is that set it off.

But you have to be willing to do your research and to not be afraid to ask. If you feel your perfume allergy triggered by a fragrance by a person in your vicinity, ask them what it is they are using. Especially if it is a co-worker and you have to be working side by side with them on a daily basis.

To stifle your perfume allergy you have to limit your exposure to harmful scents and fragrances as much as you can. You need to start off by taking an allergy test to determine exactly what kind of chemicals it is that you are reacting to. Once you know that, you can effectively reduce contact with them by carefully studying the label of every skin product that you are about to purchase.

Be aware of the fact that a product claiming to be “perfume free” or “fragrance free” still can cause your perfume allergy to act up, since these two statements rather mean that a product is odourless, but not necessarily free of the chemicals that you are allergic to.

In some cases even, the odourless component in “perfume free” products, is achieved by adding a chemical that “covers” the scent, and that essentially means that the manufacturers have just added another chemical to the mix that can trigger your perfume allergy.

Contact a professional dermatologist in order to achieve a complete understanding of which products that actually are perfume and fragrance free, and thus safe for you to use, from the one’s that are not. Because there are plenty of good products out there for your perfume allergy, you just have to educate yourself as to which they are.

If your perfume allergy is of a highly sensitive nature, causing symptoms even in situations that are hard to avoid and impossible to control, such as in public transportation or even in open space areas, where you are bound to be exposed to a variety of scents and fragrances that might be harmful to you, then you should seriously consider getting some medical treatment for it as well.

For someone suffering from perfume allergy, this can all seem like a lot to take in. And we will not try to convince you that there are any quick-fixes to this, but still, there is no reason that you could not live a full life in spite of this condition.

But then you have to be ready to take it seriously and make the necessary preparations in order to decrease your contact with chemicals causing your perfume allergy.

It is a matter of making some major lifestyle choices, and not being afraid of putting demands on the people that are close to you on a daily basis.