May 25, 2017

Seeking And Experimenting With A Natural Remedy For Depression

There are many reasons why some people avoid chemical cures for different diseases and seek out natural remedy for depression. Depression is one of the illnesses that have one of the most frequent medical diagnoses. The mortality rates for the people who suffer it are almost four times higher than those who don’t.

Before seeking out and experimenting with a natural remedy for depression, it’s important to have the certain diagnosis of depression. Deficient levels of Vitamin B12 show similar symptoms to depression. A number of studies have indicated that Vitamin B12 can be used as a natural remedy for depression. In fact, this can help if the patient is sure of not suffering for depression, but just a lack of B12. Vitamin C and Magnesium deficiencies also show similar results, after some investigations. It’s been noted that reduced levels of serotonin are present in depression. Vitamin C is the catalyst which transfers tryptophan into serotonin.

Similarly, magnesium levels are lower in a person with depression. The conclusion of the investigations is that simply ingesting Vitamin C or magnesium the symptoms of depression will be reduced. Although, these studies are not certain.

Studies concluded that simply ingesting Vitamin C or magnesium reduced the symptoms of depression, but can’t conclude they should be used as a natural remedy for depression. Germany Accepts St. John’s Wart Licensed in Germany and other European countries, St. John’s Wart is a No One seller as a natural remedy for depression. The way it reduces depression is not absolutely clear, but it is supposed that all different complexes in the herb’s extract, work together to help as a natural remedy for depression.

Gingko, while not a first choice cure for depression, seems to be useful in elderly patients whose reaction to traditional antidepressants is not enough. Those people treated with Gingko as a natural remedy for depression for a period of eight weeks; could see the average Hamilton Depression Scale dropping from 14 to 7. The score only dropped one point in a control group of persons treated with placebos. Physicians involved with more nutritional-based treatments believe the natural remedy for depression is simply a good, balanced diet. They don’t recommend refined carbohydrates and a low sugar diet. This is helpful for the patients who suffer the depression symptoms in the mornings, evenings or if they have missed a meal. Although, remember that all practitioners ask for a correct diagnosis before any type of treatment.

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