September 18, 2018

You Need 3 Years to Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms

According to a new study, people suffering from allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, may see significant improvements in their symptoms after a three-year treatment course.


The study was conducted in the United Kingdom, at Imperial College London, and involved people affected by pollen allergies. The researchers found that treatment with pollen pills or injections can help to get the condition under control.

How to Reduce Hay Fever in the Long Term?


Statistics shows that allergic rhinitis affects between 10 to 30 percent of the population worldwide. The seasonal allergic reactions are caused by pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds.

Regular exposure to increasing amounts of pollen helps to significantly reduce severe hay fever symptoms over time. There have been various studies showing the effectiveness of this type of immunotherapy in the long term.

What’s the Required Duration of Treatment?


The new research found that the long-term benefits can be achieved with at least three years of immunotherapy treatment. According to the same study, two years of treatment are not sufficient, when it comes to allergic rhinitis.

The study looked at the effects of two types of immunotherapies – sublingual tablets and injections. In both cases, the scientists used grass pollen extract.

The study participants were divided into three groups that were given either tablets, shots or a placebo. The findings showed that both types of immunotherapy were effective at reducing the symptoms, compared to placebo.

However, the authors also found that a two-year course of treatment was not enough. One year after the treatment, the effects of immunotherapy were gone, and the symptoms were back.

Based on the findings, the researchers concluded that although both sublingual immunotherapy and allergy shots were highly effective against the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, the treatment should take longer, if you want to achieve the long-term results.

The Bottom Line


If you are suffering from persistent hay fever, you may want to try immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a type of long term treatment, which involves regular exposure to pollen meant to desensitize your body to the allergen.

Based on the international guidelines, the long-term allergy treatment should take between 3 to 5 years. Three years of treatment can result in significant improvements for several years. Shorter courses of immunotherapy can be also effective, but the risk of early recurrence is high.

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